Pop Brothers in Gulfport offers freshly made ice pop’s with local ingredients. Chef Octavio Arzola talks about what inspires and excites him about the unique business.

In Season 2 of Billion Dollar Buyer, Tilman Fertitta comes to Gulfport in his search for an organic option for ice pop’s, which he says sell really well in hot climates. But he says, there is no good organic option.

Tilman loves the product, but thinks the price may be too high and thinks they should be providing their ice pop’s in the wholesale market. He indicates that a 50% food cost is not appropriate and says a 28% food cost is where he has to be.

Pop Brothers Pop Van

People really loved Pop Brother’s at the pool when it was tested at the Golden Nugget, but many thought the price could be lower. Next they test them at the Kemah Boardwalk in Galveston, TX.

It did great at Kemah and people received the product and gave it high marks. However, for others involved in the wholesale market to make a profit the product price has to be lower. Pop Brothers has to figure out how to make their product cheaper.

They settled on a $65,000 deal for $1.30 per pop. Can’t wait to see where things go from here.